10:45 PM Sunday, <January 6>, 2019
Took down the Christmas tree today, and all the lighting, and think I've never explained my lighting style. First off I like Warm Whites for my LEDs. The warmer the better. And that puts me at odds with Tracy's preference. It's possible we might take turns for Christmas Tree decorating styles each year because they're different (she likes the cool white and blues for ornaments, while I prefer warm whites and reds I guess for colors). Anyway, I start at the bottom and wind a strand of lights close to the trunk going up, then once I get to the top, I go around further out on the way down. For the 8 ft. tree we had this year I think I used 6 boxes of lights. However, just reading online now for tips, and we've been skimping out on lights. I see howtos on pulling lights in and out on each and every branch. 1) that's a lot of lights, 2) that's a lot of work, 3) not to mention taking it all down. Not sure if I want to try that. One year I'd like to try a cluster, 3 increasing height trees, simply decorated, which I think would look really nice.