3:13 AM Wednesday, <August 23>, 2017
Back in a Subaru. Got our new Subaru Crosstrek yesterday. Evanston Subaru finally got the car in on Monday, after waiting about a month for it. Nice and shiny. And orange. Aside from all the extra space on the inside, the orange hood is going to take a little getting used to. But lots of nice bells and whistles, but mostly excited about Apple CarPlay and the Eyesight stuff. Worried about scratching or hitting, or just getting into an accident, but I already nicked it a little bit putting the carseats back in and the doors hitting the sides of the garage. So I got to be the first to put a mark on it. But planning on keeping this one for a while. Pretty roomy I think. But super nice being able to listed to stuff from the phone through the car. Took longer than guessed this morning, so had to put some additional time working tonight. Oh, and the eclipse from Monday. Next time, in 2024, that it hits the continental US, or maybe before then internationally, want to get in the path of totality. Seeing the videos of it happening via Facebook Live in Oregon? Seems unreal. And seeing the other videos and timelapses of totality since then, makes me want to see it in person. Less looking at the actual eclipse itself, but how the world looks, to go from light to dark to light again so quickly. Other than that, summer is winding down.