11:02 PM Monday, <July 10>, 2017
Been doing a lot of Amazon shopping. And returns. Sorta went on a spree after I got a flat tire on the Xtracycle a couple weekends back coming from the beach. I of course didn't have the spare tube, tire levers, or CO2 inflator on me, but we were close enough that Tracy just went back home, got the car and picked the kids, the wheel, and me up. Then it took me forever to get the tire off (broke 2/3 of my tire levers) and was extremely frustrating. So I took it out on Amazon. Got a whole new set of tire levers, mostly steel core, to help with that. Finally decided to get some a real pair of swim shorts, better hybrid shorts, and settled on O'Neill Men's Loaded Hybrid Short in black and khaki. Pretty much can wear those all summer long. Finally got Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier to hopefully help with the basement smells. And then there was a lightning deal on a Drobo 5D, so I went ahead and upgraded to that. And that's an upgrade I've been putting off for a while. So much faster. Feels like a real HD now. I think Plex streaming will work better. And went ahead and am all in on Ubiquity, and got a Ubiquiti Unifi Cloud Key which I configured today. Working well. And now no need the UniFi Controller on my server. Also got a bunch of different shoe smell stuff; deodorizers, a UV sterilizer (which I think worked pretty well) and a spray that showed up when I searched for bowling alley shoe spray (which might have worked the best). Also got a FMUSER H.265 HDMI Video Encoder so I can stream any in home source to VLC, that's another finally thing that I've had on the list for a while. And then today, went car shopping, really, just went to Evanston Subaru to check out the Crosstrek. Seems to fit right. But of course, model year is ending, 2018's are like 2 months away, which will have Car Play. But we're leasing, because we'd rather have a hybrid, or even a full electric, and maybe better options available in 3 years. Also considering how little we drive, would be nice to have newer cars more often, instead of the 2005 Volvo we've got now. So slim pickings in terms of stock, and have to make a decision on the 1 color that is available in the area.