12:44 PM Tuesday, <April 25>, 2017>
Had spring break a couple weeks ago. Went up to Great Wolf Lodge for a couple days at the beginning of the week (April 9 - 11). Finally got Ube donuts from Gurnee Donuts. They were ok. Great Wolf was great, as always. Might have to try something different next year. Kids always liked the arcade. Lucy was especially good at getting tickets from the ball drop game. Also, because it was just the four of us, just had a normal hotel room, no suite, no fireplace, no sitting room or TV room and separate bedroom. Different. Made it over to Knuckleheads with Lucy while Jackson napped one afternoon, just another arcade, didn't try any of the rides or anything. Also went shopping at the outlet, but they didn't have any Adidas track suits. Disappointing. Al and Family came in, cousin Jenina and her new husband too on their honeymoon, all out to Woodstock for a last hurrah at the house since it's for sale. Ate a lot. Went up to The Domes in Milwaukee on Friday. Hung out at the house, kids played in the basement a lot. Had an easter egg hunt on Easter. Tried out the new Frio Gelato on Southport. I'm a fan. Have had mucus in the head for the last week or two, it's gradually been moving down, and think I'm on the last legs. Hammels are back, so the kids have been playing a lot together. Been bike commuting to work. It's nice. And it's working, weight is trending back down toward what I was. Finally hung the string lights across the backyard. Super bright, so I had to put the dimmer on, which doesn't work because they're LED string lights. Found a tip to put in 1 incandescent bulb, and the dimmer now works. So that looks pretty cool. Went to Indian Boundary Park for Flo's birthday party last Saturday. That's a pretty cool park. Went to Jolibee for the first time after that. The chicken's good. The halo-halo is too. Also been biking to drop off and pickup Jackson. Much better than driving.