11:22 PM Tuesday, <February 7>, <2017>
Don't remember preposting this one. But whatever. I really need to curb my late nights. Just need to get to bed before midnight. I'm guessing staying up until 3 last night for absolutely no good reason will mean I'll pick up whatever Jackson has. He's been running a fever so he's been at the grandparents the last couple of days. Had to sit and do a project with Lucy tonight. After the initial drama, she settled down and got it done. Weather continues to be weird. It's February, so it's supposed to be bitter cold in Chicago right now. Instead, I wore a spring jacket to work today, because it was like April showers. Go figure. Started Season 2 of The Flash. Found out downloads from Netflix aren't as straightforward as I'd expected. At least for the Flash, the downloads expire, and you can only download them twice. On top of that, found an article from an AVS Forum thread that explained why the latest episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend wouldn't play under iTunes 10.6.3 (1080p downloads require iTunes after 11.0.1. Which means I can no longer use Requiem to populate Plex with my iTunes 1080p HD purchases. 720p works ok. So that's awesome. I think I'll keep up my Plex library with the 720p versions, but will go back to Computers for watching via the Apple TVs. Still tweaking my Workflows. Will probably have a bunch of ones to handle new month setup for the Memex.