10:47 PM Monday, <January 23>, <2017>
Finished The OA last night, really, this morning. I really liked it. I really like the entertainment that leaves me wanting. So I went looking for podcasts talking about it and listened to those. My one comment, presented without context: Native American rain dances. Wondering if I'll watch it again. I might. Not sure what's next, TV show wise, but I think I need to do Blade Runner. That's been sitting in the queue for a bit. Feels like that needs to be seen on the big screen, and not an iOS device. Jackson spent the day with the grandparents instead of going to Prairieland Montessori today. Seems better tonight, so probably headed back tomorrow. Hoping Lucy isn't coming down with it now. Finally bought a burr grinder, figured it was about time. The Baratza Virtuoso should show up tomorrow. Randomly got distracted looking at bikes online. Came across a Raleigh Clubman Carbon that looks pretty snazzy. Not that it's in the budget, but I admit, maybe a little tempting. Thinking maybe I should go back to just getting a ready to ride bike, instead of something vintage, or something vintage and rebuilding, like the Raleigh Super Course sitting unassembled in the workspace. One of these days.