11:25 PM Saturday, <January 14>, <2017
Made it to work early on Friday, but didn't need to since the meeting I was there for got postponed. Started watching Luke Cage at lunch. Finished the first episode up that night, started the 2nd and finished that up tonight. It's good. Involved. Long too. Full hour long drama. Did some shopping on my way home, got a couple more sweaters from The Gap, some mittens for Jackson from Uncle Dan's, and some calcium chloride from Klein True Value Hardware. That was a heavy bag to carry home 2 blocks. Then took my parents with to pick up Jackson, so they could see how it's done, so they can pick him up now too. Today started off pretty relaxed, had french toast made by Lucy from her after school cooking class on Thursday. Played in the basement with the kids, before heading out. Had lunch at White Castle on the way out to the IKEA in Bolingbrook (was hoping for a car nap for the kids but Jackson only conked out like 2 minutes away from the store). After he woke up, we spent most of that time just finding something for the kids to play with, of which there was plenty. But I didn't really get a chance to wander about. We had a list though, so picked up everything (except those cute little glasses for wine which we couldn't find). On the way out, we were going to get some frozen yogurt, but then Lucy didn't want it, but Jackson did, so we ended up carrying a screaming 3 year old out of IKEA. That was us today. Instead, we stopped home at our usual Panda Express and tried out Menchie's Frozen Yogurt next door afterwards.