11:21 AM Friday, February 24, 2017
Guess I'm reverting back to my less than daily updates. Ankle feels better. Nightly rehab range of motion exercises seem to help. Need to start the stretching and the strength and balance exercises. Maybe I should do that on both ankles. Might come in handy. Really really need to get back on the bike. Pants are starting to feel a little tight. Also, starting to miss it. Jackson's been under the weather, so he took yesterday and today off, and went out to Woodstock with my parents. Happy Anniversary to them. Found some interesting Lego related gifts to send to my brother for his birthday, Happy Birthday Al! Weather was crazy warm all week. Finally kind of getting cooler, but it's still no February that I've grown accustomed to in Chicago. I can't tell if that's it for winter or if there's a cold spell, like a really, frigid, February of years past, cold spell still coming before spring. I've switched to Google Inbox as an email client. Using the iOS apps and a Fluid app on macOS. Works pretty well. Couldn't switch direction on swipe actions so changed Outlook to have the same.
6:58 PM Monday, February 20, 2017
So the day after I turn 40, I'm playing some game with Lucy with a basketball, and I jump up to try and dunk it, instead landing and spraining my ankle. Happy birthday to me. That was taking advantage of the weather on Saturday, played over at the Blaine Field for a while. Aside from the spraining of the ankle, the same one I sprained on the skateboard about a year ago. Decided maybe this time I should do some rehab exercises, since it probably never healed from the last time, and it's been achy ever since. And the few exercises I did do seem to have made a huge difference. I'm able to walk at least, with only minimal pain. So get to do stuff like writing the alphabet with my toe, keeping my foot flat on the ground and waggling my knee while seated, and achilles stretches. Learning the guitar slowly. Decided on ChordBank for my iOS learning app. And already my finger tips are hurting. Those calluses can't come soon enough. Got a Baskin-Robbins turtle pie for myself for my birthday treat, ordered it late on Thursday so didn't get it until Saturday. But as good as I remember it. The kids like it too. Managed to bike around, even after the sprained ankle, just taped it up. Went down to the pirate playground Sunday morning, used my Starbucks free beverage on a nitro cold brew. Realized after I ordered this morning at Peet's that I have a free beverage there as well. I really should be taking advantage of these offers. Oh, also the sprained ankle means I'm not biking in either. I also had to be more chain lube anyway. I still need to reradius my fenders anyway on the Miyata 610. Not quite that easy. Which is why my next bike will just be another prebuilt with color matched fenders.
9:57 PM Friday, February 17, 2017
Turned 40 today. Had the day off. Took yesterday off as well. Watched Doctor Strange, A couple episodes of The Flash, and a crossover episode of Arrow. Took a nap. Then Lyfted to The Publican and back for dinner. Kids are at the grandparents for the night. Watching The Huntsman: Winter's War. A pretty good day. Yesterday went to Eataly for lunch. Finished off Calamity. Lucy picked Snow Crash as my next book. Got my new guitar on Wednesday, it's smaller than I thought. Looks good on Lucy. Been trying out some apps for learning, along with YouTube videos. Have to admit, been nice having a couple days off with nothing to do.
11:51 PM Tuesday, February 14, 2017
Started reading again. For fun. The Reckoners series by Brandon Sanderson. Started Saturday with Steelheart, finished Sunday night, moved on to Firefight, squeezed in the short story Mitosis in there, and finished that today. Next up is Calamity. Not sure what's next after that. Tracy has the week off so I haven't had to do kid drop off or pick up. And I went ahead and took a couple days off myself at the end of the week. Got some socket head cap screws to help attach fenders, which I think means I'll start biking next week. Yay. Really enjoying the Fooda pop up restaurant at Willis Tower. I like the variety but limited options. And it's indoors, so no need to go out to a food truck. Newest podcast I'm thoroughly enjoying, to the point I've downloaded all previous episodes: Do By Friday. Very funny.