11:02 PM Monday, April 8, 2024
Took the kids out of school and went down to Indianapolis last night to be in the path of totality for the solar eclipse today. And it was worth it. Absolutely amazing. When the sun is gone, it's just the ring of fire, and it's darkness, it's so surreal, so crazy, so amazing. Seeing it was right out of a movie. So so cool. Special thanks to Tracy for booking the room a year ago and making us go. So worth it.
9:10 PM Thursday, April 4, 2024
Spring Break was fun, but surprisingly, or maybe not surprisingly, didn't catch up on sleep at all. I'm still way behind on getting a full night's sleep. But Costa Rica was a good time. Fun times with the Thorngrens. Figured out way too late that my Fujifilm X-T5 does panoramic photos. Also brought way too much camera gear that didn't get used. I did manage to do a 7 Minute Workout twice, but did a lot of hiking the first 2 full days, so think I got enough exercise for vacation. Didn't really come back with anything except bug bites that are still really itchy. Pretty annoying. Also didn't come back wildly overweight, which is a change. Otherwise, back to the grind for work this week. Not so much for the kids though; Lucy's swim season doesn't start until next week and Jackson's first outdoor practice got cancelled since it was rain/snowing on Wednesday.
9:44 PM Monday, March 25, 2024
Hard to believe, but actually finished packing early. Well, not like within 8 hours of leaving. Seems pretty crazy. Might have to look into Peak Design Shoe Pouch, instead of just using the small cubes. Otherwise, no notes on packing. Definitely making some packing choices, we'll see if it pans out.
10:21 PM Sunday, March 24, 2024
Managed to work out again today. Trying to keep it up before vacation. Wonder if I'll be able to keep up anything on vacation, or if I'll even have to. Maybe at least try and keep up the 7 Minute Workouts? Short enough that I should be able to sneak those in, like in the morning before anyone wakes up? Started packing, which might be a first for me, not the night before. Oh, I'd had a blister on my finger from cooking, and was slightly worried about it, but it managed to pop itself sometime either last night or this morning, and now it just feels like a callus.