10:20 PM Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Had to drive Lucy to practice today, after a Cubs game, and early for dry land, so I decided to waste time at World Market so I wouldn’t have to sit in more traffic. Wasn’t necessarily planning on buying anything, but then found Slow & Low Rock and Rye and Coffee Old-Fashioned, so I had to get them. Also got a Crunchie and a Violet Crumble. Also randomly got Hawaii’s Best Hawaiian Haupia Mix (think it’s just coconut gelatin). But the prize was finding Nick and Nora glasses. They’re tiny and cute, and I’m breaking them in with The Last Word and Naked & Famous. Also got a snifter, because I didn’t have one. Also got some random New York Seltzers, to see if the kids like them, and a single serve sake, and some odd flavored Ramunes.
8:39 PM Tuesday, May 30, 2023
Trying to get back into things after vacation. Feels like I’ve been out of it for a while, and not really in a routine at all. Still sore from the steps at Lakeside, and the wrist still hurts, so no bouldering or biking for a bit, at least until it stops hurting. Also being sore will take time off from any rucking, although I think the little I did beforehand helped. Also the freighter backpack was absolute genius and came in super handy. So I guess I won’t be getting back on a routine anytime soon. And then summer break is coming fast, and camps and stuff are going to screw with routines as well, so might just have to scratch all that off the list and take what I can get when I can get it.
9:41 PM Monday, May 29, 2023
Yet another beach day. One last hurrah before heading home. Lake was super calm, no wind to speak of. Water was still freezing, and a bit cloudy before the sun broke out. Still managed to get in the water one last time. Of course had a beach fire, roasted more encased meats and made more s’mores. Didn’t get Oink’s Dutch Treat on the way out, just stopped for Chipotle for a late lunch. Nice to be home though. Think I did something to my wrist biking yesterday, it’s a bit sore. Hopefully doesn’t last too long. More rotation issue than anything.
10:32 PM Sunday, May 28, 2023
Biked 2 miles over to a farmer’s market. Jackson biked too. Pretty simple ride for his first long one, although there was a hill he had to walk up. Otherwise, pretty good. Then back down to the beach for the day, sausages for lunch and dinner, s’mores down at the beach, actually got in the water, super cold, Oink’s for a Rush Hour milkshake, and then back for Exploding Kittens. And ordered some pizza for delivery, which was pretty good. And all the kids each won once, and the adults were shut out.