10:42 PM Sunday, January 22, 2017
Missed a couple days. Also because I got back on the bike with the kids on Saturday because it was 50 degrees out in the middle of January. Nothing weird about that. Supposed to take them to Green City Market Indoor session at the Peggy Notebaert Museum. We ended up there eventually, right at the tail end of the market, because we stopped off at the Sunshine Playground on the way. Got some donuts, ate, before heading to the playground area, the butterflies, and then headed home. Biking is hard after being away for like 9 months. Really need to get back on it. Friday night had a little me time after work, because Tracy and kids were playing at the neighbors. I finished up Luke Cage. Good stuff. Started The OA last night and got halfway before thinking I should get some sleep. Going to finish it up tonight that's for sure. Went to another neighbor's birthday party this morning at Pump It Up Fun as always, but they got rid of the flag thing. That was my favorite. Jackson came down with something today, hoping he feels better tomorrow. Hopefully just something he ate or something.
11:38 PM Thursday, January 19, 2017
Been a while. But like riding a bike I guess. Got to do some systems work or analysis or I guess development to log email sending. Interesting stuff. But nice every now and then. Still haven't joined the gym at work yet. Probably need to because I got around to taking my blood pressure yesterday and it was pretty high. Definitely time to get back on the bike. Would like to put the commuter together this weekend, instead of using the Sprint, but wait and see. Pretty cool that ATP got Chris Lattner on the show. I wonder what the Twittersphere was like for that. Oh well. Fingers crossed nothing crazy happens tomorrow. Got my new Apple Rewards and Amazon Prime Rewards cards. That Amazon one through Chase is impressive; metal with heft. I like it. Was hoping that would get me access to Chase QuickPay, but no dice. Guess I really need a checking account there or something.
10:38 PM Wednesday, January 18, 2017
Consolidated mortgage with construction loan. So really in debt now. No issues, notary came to the house, documents were sent UPS next day morning, and had the closing at home. That was nice. Also had Rocket Plumbing come out and take a look at the leaking spigot. Turns out it was broken and they had to replace it, which meant they had to cut a hole in the basement ceiling to get to it. Will put in an access panel just in case we ever have to do it again. Which hopefully we won't. Might have been us not taking the hose off before a freeze, or maybe the splitter and we left it closed and it froze. Either way at least it didn't bust open in the ceiling, so no water damage in the house. Put together an IKEA Dollhouse for Lucy, and put a Bed Bath & Beyond top down bottom up shade in the powder room. Really wish we had more money and that Lutron made shades like that. Definitely wish we could do the rest of the house. So nice. Decided to drop the redundent Linode. No need.
11:29 PM Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Just another day at work. Up early, Brown Line in. Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. Haven't really been feeling the donuts lately, but went ahead and splurged today. Went old school for lunch and got Burbon chicken from Cajun Grill. Used to get that a lot back up at Oglivie station. This time got it from Union Station. Cole was way too big though. Consolidating loan and mortgage tomorrow. And have Rocket Plumbing coming to look at the leaky frost free outdoor faucet. Hope that isn't too bad. Oh, rebuilt my other Linode instance. Hoping to get some kind of redundancy or something, but maybe I should just drop it. Don't think I need the redundancy.