3:15 PM Friday, March 24, 2017
Been getting off at Southport and stopping by the Amazon Bookstore that just opened up this week. I've forgotten how much I enjoy bookstores, walking around and just browsing. A couple things that make the Amazon Bookstore insteresting: 1) all the bookshelves are lit and 2) all the books are displayed showing the front cover, no splines on display. I'm looking forward to bringing Lucy, who's enjoying reading, and just hanging out there for a while. I'm probably never going to buy a physical book for myself there, because I only buy eBooks, nor will I even buy the eBook from Amazon (I purchase through Kobo (eBook) and strip the DRM so I can read it on any device I want. I've also been playing with the Amazon Fire Kids Edition to see if it'll be a good replacement when the kids current devices die. I think it might. I've played with the fancy Kindle Oasis and managed to set off the alarm on 2 different display models (the micro USB charger/alarm cable is really loose). The new Whole Foods at Ashland/Broadway also opened and Tracy checked it out yesterday. It's funny but fitting that she got excited about the new grocery store and I got excited about the new bookstore.
6:28 PM Sunday, March 19, 2017
Fell asleep on the couch a handful of times this past week. Falling back into bad habits. Gotta break out again, and get back on a regular sleeping schedule, if I've ever had it. Been working on setting up a Mac mini (Late 2014) at work, thinking the iMac 27-inch (Mid 2010) will be dying soon because the fan sounds like it's dying. Hooked the Mac mini up to 2 27" Thunderbolt Displays, which is a lot of screen real estate. No Retina, but still a lot. Still no bike commuting to work yet, but went on a ride this morning down to Museum Campus and back. Still cold enough that it wasn't that busy. Even got a compliment on the Miyata Six-Ten. Probably need to grease as many screws and attachment points as I can, it definitely makes a lot of sound going over bumps and stuff. Started up Iron Fist. I'm enjoying it quite a bit. Photos finished importing my PictureLife via SmugMug archives, and now it's just uploading to iCloud Photo Library. Doing so made me cross the 1TB Data Usage Limit for the first time they started the limit. So it's a courtesy month, which means I should just blow the top off. I'm currently at 1097 GB with 12 days left.
1:39 PM Wednesday, March 15, 2017
I think we got something like 8 inches of snow Monday and Tuesday, as determined by the height of the untouched snow on the backyard table. It was pretty good snow too, powdery. Shoveled as much from the back into a giant pile for the kids to play in. Figure it'll be all gone by Friday, except for the giant pile. Glad the kids got to play at least a little bit in the snow this winter, here in the 2nd week of March. Still uploading photo history to iCloud Photo Library. Currently sitting around 25K photos, 1.5K videos, for around 400 GB. Had to upgrade my iCloud storage to a TB. Hopefully I won't go over. I'll have to go in after it all finishes loading to remove dupes, fix dates, fix locations, remove thumbnails. Not sure how many of those there are. But it's definitely nice being able to go look at pictures again. Waiting for the really old ones to show up. We started up Hello Fresh as a grocery/meal delivery service again. They put all the ingredients for a meal into a little cardboard box that slides onto the shelf in the fridge, so much better than a brown bag of stuff that Blue Apron did. It's nice again. Trying different things.
10:44 PM Monday, March 13, 2017
My childhood home is now for sale. Great for my parents, no longer have to worry about a house and a yard and all the work for upkeep for a place they hardly use. So they're going to be city folk. Still want to see it before it sells, while it's empty. That's going to be weird. Probably officially I've now lived more away from that house, if I counted it all up. Up to 18, then summers in college, but then that's it. And now that I'm 40, yeah. I planned on starting to commute to work by bike again this week, then we got like a bunch of snow, so I just took the Brown Line. Maybe later this week I'll start. I'm ready though. Finally. Probably have to go down Clark to Halsted since Southport is under construction. Went out to the in-laws on Saturday, pretty relaxing. Sunday hung out with Jackson while Tracy and Lucy went to a show and lunch with Flo and family. Ended up getting hot dogs for the kids from Wrigleyville Dogs, and a gyro for myself, and it was wrapped nice and tight. First place I've been to since that place on Broadway next to the Jewel closed down all those years ago that wrapped it that tight. New favorite place to get a gyro. Also went to both Whole Foods] close by because Jackson wanted blueberry pie, and figured that was my best shot at a finding a slice. The one on Ashland didn't have any, because it's small, and also probably because they're winding down for the giant new one on Ashland and Belmont to open in a couple of weeks. So got it at the old reliable one on Halsted.