2:11 PM Monday, July 25, 2016
Figured I should get a blog post in for July. I have been keeping up on Current events in the Memex mostly, so I at least have that life logging still going on. Finally decided to go to a doctor and get a physical. Got my lab results back and everything checks out ok. A little overweight. Probably a little dehydrated, probably because of the flu I had a week before. But overall, ok. No hypertension, no diabetes yet. Figure I should try and lose a little weight. Not sure how I'm going to go about it though. Lessen the food intake and up the activity. The right things. Hydrate more, and sleep more. Shouldn't be that difficult, right? While I was sick, I went like 4-5 days without coffee. I was a little worried about going back to it, but it's not like I needed it. And actually today, I haven't had any yet. Got almost enough tools that I have the Raleigh Super Course completely disassembled. Just have to get the freewheel off. Then have to clean it all and reassemble. My attempt at painting fenders to match the Miyata 610 failed (too almond, not white enough), so hopefully I can add just another translucent layer of white that will fix it. Been more than 30 days since I've biked to work. Got the backyard landscaped, or more like restored. Have a real patio and a little sand pit play area that's Jackson's favorite thing. Always looks forward to playing in it on the weekend, coming home from daycare (both from Children's Learning Place and from the grandparents). Went to Slide the City in Carpentersville last weekend. Fun, only got a couple hours in since we showed up late and they shut it down early because of a lightning warning. Fun as usual. We brought Lucy this time. Jackson's way too small though. Saw someone try and get their toddler down, didn't look very successful.
5:19 PM Monday, June 6, 2016
Finally got over the sickness a couple weeks back, started riding again, then did Bike the Drive with the family. Went out late so on the way back as directed off Lake Shore Drive. Hung out at the festival for a bit, then up to the Clocktower Cafe for what may become an tradition. No issues with the Xtracycle that day. I did clean it up, which helped with the shifting. Or course with that biking, I got sore, so took the week off from commuting. Got more stuff to fix up the Raleigh Super Course and Miyata 610. Just need to make a plan, and start spending time getting them up and running. Really for the Miyata only have to add fenders, but want to paint the ones I got to color match. Hopefully that turns out well. Managed to get a front flat on the Xtracycle at some point, tried to patch it a couple of times, but ended up not working. Ran out of tubes, so had to wait for them to come in. Also ordered some rim tape, because the existing stuff was probably original to the bike (circa 1996?). So maybe about time. Then yesterday bringing the kids back from lunch and got a rear flat. So had to walk them home (only a mile or so), then head back out to replace the tube and bring a pump because I didn't bring the spare tube with. But I thik that's good now. Hopefully. I'll be bringing tubes and C02 with me on the Xtracycle going forward. Found Cheerwine at Jewel the other day. That was cool. Tried working out again via the 7 Minute Workout, but that only lasted for a week. Have to start that up again as well. Made it to the beach for the first time this year (Montrose), but they had a giant pool of standing water between the park and the water. It was weird. Also ended up sitting right by Meghan Stromberg, but didn't realize that until we were both getting ready to leave. That is a very very small world.
11:54 PM Wednesday, May 11, 2016
Sold the condo on Monday. And now we're back down to only 1 property. Yay? Feeling bittersweet about selling though. It was home for 7 years or so? Lucy and Jackson's first home. But anyway. Ordered up some Samba Originals (instead of the Classics, because I didn't need to fold the tongue over). Hoping they fit. Figured I needed some athletic shoes to chase the kids around the playgrounds and parks and stuff. Been sick (head cold I think), started last Thursday, and I think in the trailing edge. Just need to get the mucus out of my head, and away from the back of my throat. Been going through lots of cough drops to prevent hacking up a lung and actually being able to do some work. Actually feels better if I whisper. Oh, and started watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It's good, and in some strange ways, oddly familiar.
9:59 PM Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Went to my 20th, err, 21st high school reunion last weekend. Out of 105 graduating classmates, I counted 13 who showed up. It was, interesting. Parents also threw a birthday party for Lucy, who turned 6. Bought another bike off Craigslist, a 1983 Miyata 610. That will be the one long ride bike, while the Raleigh Super Course will become a daily driver/commuter for me. If it isn't too small.