9:06 PM Friday, August 16, 2019
So they replaced my Apple Watch 3 with an Apple Watch 4, and turns out I had a swollen battery, which is why the screen popped off. So that’s cool. Although it means I won’t be getting a new watch for a least a year, if not a couple. Because free upgrade. I even brought it up with the service technician (I’m not sure they’re still called Geniuses), and he just said, yup, that’s what it says, and he wished he was me. Also after realizing I could be wearing my old Apple Watch 0 while I was getting my current fixed, I’m now wearing a watch all the time. I was already wearing an Apple Watch for sleeping, now I can also wear one while my sleeping (Night) watch is charging. And there’s a huge difference between series 0 and series 4. So also got my iPad Pro 11-inch replaced (without a charge) because apparently a single crack without any impact sites is considered a flaw? So that was a great service call, aside from being without a good watch and an iPad for a week or so. Then a couple weeks later I managed to drop my iPhone X out of my pocket onto the brick patio and cracked part of the screen. So had to bring it in for replacement, although they decided I had to send it in to the service center, so I got a loner iPhone 8. It’s black and only 64 GB. The black is nice, and definitely getting black, err, Space Gray for my next iPhone, but 64 GB is definitely too small, that I actually noticed. Go figure, I had about 30 GB of podcasts I have saved up. But should be getting my iPhone X back this week. Also, I miss FaceID and not having a home button. Also, I got an Apple Card. Just checked in Wallet last Sunday (as suggested on Reddit) and I got the option to apply. Got my physical card on Thursday. It’s thick, and definitely sounds like metal when you drop it. Swapped over any recurring payments and subscriptions over from my Chase Amazon Prime card (which is now limited to Amazon purchases only). Yeah, I like Apple.
2:31 PM Monday, August 5, 2019
So 21 years ago I supposedly wrote my first blog post here on Daily Dose. My blog is now old enough to drink. I've seen things come and go, internet fads rise and fall. And I just have to remember that time continues to flow. All things pass. I was around before Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, and fingers crossed, be around well after those are gone. But I had an annual reminder to post on this blog's birthday, so at least I should have 1 post a year. On to news in my world. Dropped off Lucy at sleepaway Girl Scouts camp yesterday. Weird. Growing up so fast. Had to take Jackson to get cavities filled today at the dentist. Took 30 minutes longer than scheduled because it took a bit to get him in the chair, along with a bunch of bribes. So visiting a toy store later today. Got to pick up my replacement products from Apple Lincoln Park by Wednesday. Parents are back, so I can start heading in to the office again.
10:19 PM Wednesday, July 31, 2019
Hard to believe summer's half over, pretty much. Kids have been enjoying Blaine Summer Camp. Got to do a beach day last weekend, first one of the year. Lots of swimming at the pool at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness. Jackson likes to go while Lucy's got practice. And then we tend to get dinner. Lots of swimming. Heading there tomorrow actually. Last night went to Savor at Sunset with some Blaine parent friends while their kids came to the house for a single babysitter. Good times. Good food. And they all came back since it didn't go too late for more drinks and s'mores at the fire table. Do have to get better at building and maintaining the fire. Better venting maybe? Also should probably get a handsaw to cut the firewood down to a better size for the fire table. Moved seats at work. That's new. Otherwise, things still chugging along there. The continuing integration to Numerator is pretty cool to see. Lots of good stuff. Tomorrow have a couple Apple Service Appointments (I don't think they're called Genius Bar Appointments anymore). I managed to put a crack in my (iPad Pro 11-inch) display. I'm actually impressed that it's relatively hard to tell it has a crack, as you can't tell if looking at it head on. But figured I should get it replaced before it gets worse. I keep flipping from using it with the Brydge Pro to just the Apple Smart Folio instead. It's so thin when I just use it as a tablet. And then last night I managed to drop my Apple Watch on the bathroom floor. Popped the screen off. Screen didn't break, just popped off the watch. So hopefully will get that replaced. Realized today that I could have been wearing a Series 0, because not having a watch on has been pretty weird.
10:50 PM Wednesday, July 3, 2019
Missed a June post this year. Whoops. Back from an 8 night Disney Cruise for my mom's birthday. Cruises are fun. Beaches, pools, lots of eating, all good times. Lucy and Jackson got to spends lots of time with Luke. We were on the Disney Fantasy, smaller than the last couple of ships, or at least what I can remember, considering the last time was my honeymoon 12 years ago. Special thanks to my mom on her birthday present to herself. One especially cool thing was at the dinner on her actual birthday, my dad talked to the head waiter and put a special order in for pancit and adobo and rice, which we got, in addition to a normal dinner. Very cool. Did a cognac tasting, and tried a Macallan Quest Flight. Actually saw Toy Story 4 on Wednesday (5 days after release). But back to work. And lots to do. And no more vacation really for the rest of the year. Jackson had his last day at Prairieland Montessori on Tuesday. Starts up Blaine Summer Camp next week. Lucy's been out for a while. Trying to get back into the swing of things, but happy it's a short week. Easier to transition back in to work. Still not sleeping enough.